Umum Bilvårdstjänst medKIA Servicecenter : DownloadLaguPro

Bilvårdstjänst medKIA Servicecenter : DownloadLaguPro

Advantages of KIA Service Center and the importance of caring for a car


KIA service center is one of the best services of the KIA manufacturer for your users. As the name implies, this service is really intended to check the condition of the car within a certain period of time. In general, it can be done once a month, but at least once every 3 months is enough.


KIA itself for those of you who don’t know, is a car manufacturing company from South Korea. Although it is not the number one choice in Indonesia, it has quality and competitive prices. They are still large and experienced manufacturers, and have even taken Atletico Madrid as the main sponsor.


Advantages of KIA Auto Products


In addition to experience, it turns out that this ginseng country manufacturer has many types of the best cars that you can use. For example, a profuk SUV like the Sportage where it turns out to be very liked by Europeans. There are also other types such as Rio that are not inferior to specifications or selling prices.


If we ask the Kia service center or its users directly, there will be some advantages that we immediately feel. One of them is the advantage of super spacious space and luggage. Carrying 5 people at the same time is still possible and the luggage department can be used to carry more personal items.


When we bring it, the engine is very fast yet smooth even though the car type is the old type or brand. For example, the Rio type, which is equipped with a 1,396 cc engine plus a 6-speed MT gearbox. No wonder the quality of the machine can last longer as long as the maintenance schedule is routine.


Before buying, you can ask the Kia service center or the seller directly about the condition of the machine, especially when it comes to handling. The name of the car must definitely have the best management system like the KIA, where the use of handling is very capable so that when in use it feels comfortable even if it is high speed.

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Although it has the space, engine and handling with the highest quality, but that does not make the price too difficult for us to reach. We can get it from prices from 200 million depending on the type or year of car production. Looking at the specifications and affordable price, this may be an option.


But in advance it is necessary to know that many cars produced by KIA have a standard interior appearance. Therefore, make sure that before buying it must be fully ripe for the appearance of the interior. If you like the type of car, but are not interested in the interior, you can only use custom services to make it more attractive.


Bilvårdstjänst medKIA Servicecenter


If you use service services according to the car brand, you can get many of the best services, for example, during oil changes. Perhaps this will be the most common service because most often it will have to be replaced. In addition, too long not to be replaced may be too dirty so that it can clog the filter part.


In addition, the oil will not be able to reach all engine components so that it does not run properly, even the risk of wear is very large. In general, the service is free, especially in the first months. This is also the same in the provision of glass cleaners or car bodies serviced at that time.


Of course, the Kia service center pays  great attention to customers, not only from the smoothness of the machine, but also the appearance as on the glass. Of course, you should not buy glass cleaning products carelessly, since there are products that are harmful to health. So it is better to use cleaning products only according to expert recommendations.


This is also the same when choosing power steering of the steering part, where it must be of good quality so that it does not wear out quickly. In general, if the lubricant starts to run low, the steering feels heavy and vibrates continuously. It must be uncomfortable so that when you are on duty, try to overcome it immediately so that you do not have problems.

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In addition to lubricants for power steering, the Kia service center  will also serve the addition or replacement of transmission fluids. In general, we need lubricants in both manual and automatic cars because they are hydraulic drives. It must always be checked because it often leaks but is not known so that the workshop after being brought is difficult.


Finally, the mechanic will serve to see how the condition of the cables and batteries of the car, where if we run out it will not be able to run. In addition, if it is filled but runs out too quickly, there may be damage so that it will have to be repaired. Even if it deteriorates, it will have to be replaced with a new battery.


How to find a KIA Car Service Place


When finding a place to service a car, especially the KIA brand, it is actually easy to do. You can search via the internet or share with people who have previously been there. If you are in the Jakarta area, there are several fairly famous branches, namely Pantai Indah Kapuk and TB Simatupang.


Try earlier to call them first to find out if it is open or not. Most have different opening hours or times so they should not be allowed to come over. If you come to one of the gas stations, prepare a fee in anticipation of having to replace one of the engine parts.


Later, after arriving at the Kia service center, it will immediately be welcomed by employees. Where will be given also a form in the affairs of the service administration. In general, important data such as ID cards and vehicle purchase letters will be needed so that the service process that will be carried out will be carried out directly by KIA employees.


Employees have qualified skills or abilities so that consumer vehicles can be repaired immediately while preventing damage so that it is beneficial to us as owners. If it comes to the general workshop, it may not have this kind of advantages. In addition, all workshop equipment and parts have been provided directly by the company so that they are complete.

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Benefits of visiting KIA Service Center regularly


Service is needed because it can make the condition of our car always optimal if needed. In addition, we have been using it for a long distance and time, there will definitely be components that wear out so that they do not work optimally. Performing services means that the condition of our vehicle is always optimal when we drive.


The result will be more comfortable to use because we ourselves know that one part of the car is related to another. If not checked regularly, it can be damaged and interfere with the performance of other components. Of course, it can be fatal, especially the risk of having an accident because it rarely or even never services a vehicle.


The obligation to come to the Kia service center must be given priority, since it is not expensive, you can save costs, since you check the condition of the car at the manufacturer’s workshop. If life is longer, you don’t need to change cars too quickly. It can even be used as an investment object if in the future the price increases significantly.


Of course, it is not new anymore if the price of a type or type of car suddenly rises high. Later, if it is sold more expensively, there will certainly be a big profit in terms of our economy. To make the price more profitable if you want to sell it, try to maintain it regularly both in terms of engine and appearance.


Of course, since it does not have poor quality, it can be used as an option if you are bored with common car brands such as Honda or others. In addition, there is a maximum service bonus for consumers so that it does not make us spend too much money. In addition, choose to use the KIA service center regularly.

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